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I recently took Hemotest (Nutrabolics) and that shit got me jacked up. It's about 90 pills for one cycle (one - two months) - $50 - $65 per box depending on store discount. It's the weirdest thing. I didn't get tired and just worked out like a mad man averaging 20+ sets.

Otherwise shakes, vitamins, etc.

I posted up another thread about gaining massive lean muscles. I gained about 20 and dropped 10, but that's due to overworking, stress, etc...lolz! But I find one hits a plateau so I needed to find a new routine or get some new advice on how to get over that hump. Nothing beats eating and that's where I definitely need to focus on. It's tough to find time to cook and make six different meals EVERY DAY!

Let me know if you try it. Curious to see what your input is...
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