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Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post


Right now I'm trying to tame the fire that is the Faber/Cruz decision >_>

*coughINTERcough*... You need to pick these fools arguments apart. That will stop them from being ignorant. DO IT.
Im sorry man, its just so stupid. For example if Cruz lost and people with intelligent in what they said then I would be fine. People are so STUPID! MMA Fans are starting to make me ashamed to associate myself with this sport.

Key word is SPORT, not BLOOD SPORT or DEATH SPORT... its a SPORT, like soccer or hockey or football, at its highest level its a thing of beauty. This is going to sound extremely gay but that Cruz fight was probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, like an artist looking at mona lisa or an architect looking at the leaning tower of Piza. **** mma fans, there all blood thirsty pricks.

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