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I don't get the hate on Transformers, I really don't.

Giant robots, fighting each other on the ******* moon, in ******* 3D?! Yes, please.

What do people expect from a Transformer's film? Do you expect a great story, plot, acting and dialogue? Hell no.

I expect mind blowing special effects featuring giant robots in all out robot war, hot chicks and some cheesey lines/comedy. And yea, I really enjoy it.

I loved the first Transformers film, hated the second one and this third one blew me away. It seriously has the best special effects I have seen in a film to date, just incredible. The entire second half of the film is just a visual orgasm and it's brilliant in 3D.

Avatar used the exact same formula and yet has a rating of 8.2 on imdb and I believe is in the top 250 films of all time, yet The Transformers gets slated.
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