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Tim Sylvia likes to talk a bunch of crap. No way is Frank Mir the Dennis Hallman of Matt Hughes. Frank Mir was dominant as heck the time he defeated Tim Sylvia at UFC 48. He used to end opponents brutally in the first round in 2003-2004 and at this time possibly one of the best heavyweights ever. Dennis Hallman couldn't beat 3 opponents in back to back PPVs like Tank Abbott in a minute, Wes Sims, other people Frank Mir dominated in 2003-2004. Dennis Hallman was brutal in the UFC and got lucky against Hughes. Hughes took him lightly the way he took Sherk and Penn such as not training hard, etc. Hallman got owned by Frank Trigg, not the best welterweight in the UFC I've seen lol. Tim Sylvia is the worst trash talker I've ever seen. "Fedor hasn't faught anyone in his striking ability", "Fedor is tiny ****", "Frank Mir is Dennis Hallman of Matt Hughes", "I'm a hunchback trash talking machine", "Blah, blah". If Frank Mir had a rematch with Sylvia before his accident I bet Mir would win in the first round by submission again definitely. Mir is one of the best UFC heavyweights up there with Rutten, Barnett, Sylvia, Rodriguez, Rizzo, etc.
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