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Originally Posted by Mckeever View Post
I don't get the hate on Transformers, I really don't.

Giant robots, fighting each other on the ******* moon, in ******* 3D?! Yes, please.

What do people expect from a Transformer's film? Do you expect a great story, plot, acting and dialogue? Hell no.

I expect mind blowing special effects featuring giant robots in all out robot war, hot chicks and some cheesey lines/comedy. And yea, I really enjoy it.

I loved the first Transformers film, hated the second one and this third one blew me away. It seriously has the best special effects I have seen in a film to date, just incredible. The entire second half of the film is just a visual orgasm and it's brilliant in 3D.

Avatar used the exact same formula and yet has a rating of 8.2 on imdb and I believe is in the top 250 films of all time, yet The Transformers gets slated.
Okay, people seem to use this "giant robots beating the shit out of each other" defense when referring to Transformers. Do I go to Transformers 3 to see Robots beat the shit out each other? Hell Yeah I do! Problem is it doesn't happen that often in this film. This movie centered more around the human characters fighting the Decepticons then it does the Autobots fighting them. It goes right back to what I said before about the Transformers being the co-stars in there own movie.

Now do I expect a great story, acting, and dialogue? When the human characters take up 90% of the movie then yes I do. Who spent real money just to watch Shia Labeouf consistently bitch about his life to his extremely hot (and probably rich) girlfriend?

You forget that this isn't just some brutal sport where everyones out to kill each other. Its much more like a game of physical chess.-looney liam
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