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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
All Coen brothers films are absolutely top draw:

Raising Arizona
The Big Lebowzki
O brother where art thou
Burn After Reading
Millers Crossing
No Country For Old Men
True Grit

A BIG shout out to The Mist. Keever mentioned it in his OP. This is an underrated classic. One of the most horrible haunting endings ever.

Other than that, you guys have mentioned some great films.

... and, wheres the Tarintino love? The dude is a genius who makes better and better films. Inglorious Basterds was absolutely magnificent.

Beyond that, anybody seen Moon? Fabulous film.

Im a massive fan of horror. Generally, English speaking countries dont do it very well. The koreans absolutely rock.

Films like:

The Ring
The Bedevilled
We Are Who We Are
Ju On
Old Boy
The eye

I could go on... but I'll stop now.
Moon is really, really good.

Under rated film I just thought of; The Negotiator with Samual l Jackson and Kevin Spacey.
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