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Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
I fecking hate footballers. They really are a bunch of c*unts.

An MMA fighter gets punched right in the face, and takes it. These twats get touched and they pretend to be injured. Now, I dont know the age of most of you, but when I was 20, you did your absolute best to NEVER show you are hurt. You would stand right back up and claim to be fine in front of your brethren... even though you're in agony. Limping all the way home, before admitting to your mom/girlfriend that you f*ucked up your hamstring.

The thought of rolling around on the floor clutching my face, when all that actually happened is somebody brushed past me? Cringeworthy.

These cocksuckers earn $200k a week. They are an embarrassment to sport, and the reason I dont give a shit about football anymore.

Oh shit... I did an angry ranting in the YLYL thread! This is sacrilege!! Forgive me.
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