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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
Just trying to do my part to help someone with similar interests as my own. I never had the luxury of a personal trainer or dietician, nor have I gone to school for any type of exercise/diet science. I just read a lot on the topic and experiment a lot. I also spend at least an hour a day every evening planning out meals 24-48 hours in advance, all just to make sure that I reach my goals each day. If not my body will shed weight 10x faster than I can put it back on.
Had a roomate and she would plan out her entire month; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was pretty neat. I couldn't do that so I actually tried out this "gourmet program," where you can pre-order your food. Ended up losing weight cuz half of the shit I ordered was for people going on a diet or didn't suit my palate.

Gonna try that system rather go on a whim. I find proper dieting and nutrition is just as important as training. It just aint easy preparing all the meals, getting the right supplements. I talked to this bouncer who's 285lbs of rock solid muscle (think Overeem except more of a body building figure)...probably one of the biggest dudes I've seen around and he told me he spends most of his days cooking and hitting the gym...roflz! People don't realize how expensive it fruits, whole wheat grain, organic milk is twice as much as regular milk, and damn those free range eggs. Don't they realize not everybody can afford those...lolz!
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