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Originally Posted by Budhisten View Post
I hate myself right now!

Just had an argument with the GF because she hasn't seemed as much into me lately as she used to. Ended up with her storming home in the middle of the night, leaving me alone and depressed.
Just got a message from her saying that "she needs some space, so I shouldn't contact her."

Tomorrow she's leaving for Spain for two weeks and I hate to have her go away on this sour note

I'm really a mess right now, she's such a big part of my life and I hate that she's going on vacation without me.
And now I can't even talk to her, which makes it all so much worse

I know I sound pathetic, but you just don't realize how much you depend on someone until this kinda crap happens
I just hope she comes home and is happy again, I can understand the fact that se needs some space but damn :/

Don't really know what to do with myself right now
The person who wants the relationship less has the power, and is a lot better off when the relationship ends. Relationships are finite, not forever, people are fickle. Keep this one thing in mind.. She doesn't have 2 weeks vacation without you, you have 2 weeks vacation without her. Do all the shit she wouldn't let you do. She said she needs some space this is saying "hey we're on break etc etc" I'd say maybe go out to a club or bar and find someone new. Just go out and have a blast and try to forget about her, if she doesn't want you back after her vacation, its no big deal. If you find someone better while shes gone maybe its time to move on. Don't settle dude, I know familiar is safe and comfortable... but its also boring, get out there and mix it up, live life a little. I mean how did you get your gf to begin with? Its because you're the ******* man, right? Maybe its time to remember that, and that there are a lot of girls out there right now who aren't going to take you for granted, who aren't going to do this and that.. there are a lot of girls out there who want to have a good time with you and **** your brains out.

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