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Just out of curiosity are their movies you guys really hate! I got a list right here.

Lets see..

The Musketeer! Extremely boring especially when you compare it to The Three Musketeers (Kiefer Sutherland)!

Children of the Corn (2010)! The red flag that this movie would suck is that it was made by the SyFy (name is bullcrap) channel. It does follow Stephan Kings's short story but the problem is that story sucked. You were literally rooting for the children to kill that couple. Nothing really memorable about this crap. The original was better hands down!

Ring 2! Did you hear about the movie that if you watch it you will lose 90 minutes of your life. Dreadful movie.

Highlander The Source! This movie is an abomination to all mankind. Even worse then Transformers and I think you all know how much I hate those movies. This movie took everything that was iconic about Highlander and took a shit on it. They even got some nobody garage band to sing Princes of the Universe.

You forget that this isn't just some brutal sport where everyones out to kill each other. Its much more like a game of physical chess.-looney liam
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