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I would also like to point out the bastard abomination that is Watchmen.

In fact, while I'm on comic/book tie ins, what the f*uck has I Am Legend ( the film ) got to do with the book? So far removed is it. Completely raped of the books most touching and human parts... all thats left is an action film with little impact.

If they had called it, "Will Smith, Vampire slayer"... I might have enjoyed it more. But to call it "I Am Legend" is sacrilegious.

They just made a TV seris called the Walking Dead based on some graphic novels. Again... RUBBISH. The books are on a different planet in terms of complexity and characters.

Now, how to properly do a tie in?... Sin City & 300. Absolutely fantastic, the both of them. On equal footing with the originals. Brilliant.

I enjoyed the Hulk movies though
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