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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
Getting serious about your diet isn't a small task to undertake. It can be daunting without the right guidance and progress monitoring. That's why I like to keep a written log of what I eat. If I see results on the scale or in the mirror that I don't like, it's easy to look back and make adjustments.

As for costs on eating healthy, it's certainly isn't cheap. Especially when your caloric intake starts getting bumped up. I budget $125 a week for my grocery bill, and that doesn't include money spent on protein powders, vitamins or supplements. I'm a bit of a freak though with my daily diet sometimes peaking over 5,000 calories when I'm doing something highly active all day.
I use to spend a ton a month on food eating out every day and getting take out. It wasn't the most healthiest, but boy was it good. After the economic crash business started slowing down so I cut down majorly on all expenses...sadly one of em was eating out. Didn't realize how much I saved yet alone the health benefits. But I havn't been able to eat as much either due to time constraints; waking up cookink, preparing, etc.

Your budget is $500 + supplements so probably $600 - $750. Which protein powder are you currently taking. I find shakes to be the easiest. I got an entire list of AWESOME shake recipes if you want to check it out. There's a supplement store that use to sell em at $3.25 then it went up to $4.25 and now it's $5.25 per shake. So I decided to make it myself. It's way better than your Orange Julius smoothies.
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