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Originally Posted by ashleigj View Post
- Clerks (favourite movie of all time)
- Rocky Horror Picture Show
- Alice in Wonderland
- Dirty Dancing
- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
- Beetlejuice

Can't think of any other's right now.. but I am sure there are plenty more.
Damn straight. I don't really like tv that much. When you do the research I've been doing over the past few years you'll realise most TV is propaganda bullsh*t. There are a few I like though.

- Family Guy
- The Simpsons
- Ross Kemp on Gangs
- Curb Your Enthusiasm
- Anything remotley connected to MMA
- Ditto football


- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
- Human Traffic
- The Expendables (Stone Cold v Randy Couture, epic)
- Friday
- Harold and Kumar get the Munchies (makes me wanna burn this motherf***er down!)
- All Zeitgeist movies
- The Karate Kid (better than the Rocky movies IMO)
- Raging Bull
- 300
- Song Of the South (funny in so many ways)
- Taxi Driver
- Godfather (nearly perfect)

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