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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
Getting the proper rest every day is essential. I would almost consider getting 7 hours of sleep a night being more important than the work you actually put in at the gym. As for the brand of protein powder you take, it's all a matter of preference. The types that I listed all have good flavor, mix easily and are specific to my needs. I am, however, more picky on what I eat, and when I eat than other people. There are other brands that are cheaper than what I take, but based on personal experience I can promise you that what I take works very well when included with a consistent diet.

So...this is where we are right now with where you need to focus.

- Get 7 hours of sleep a night, no exceptions.
- Keep track of everything you eat in a daily journal.
- Eat 6 even meals a day, planned out 24 hrs in advance.
- Don't skip meals!!!
- Meet your caloric needs each meal, even if it hurts.

I can promise you that if you follow the information I have posted in this thread you will put on lean muscle. Eat healthy, work out intelligently, and keep a caloric surplus and your body will do the rest. Be sure to remember that it's impossible to gain muscle without also gaining a little bit of fat along the way, but once you get yourself around 10-15lbs heavier than where you really want to be, then we can start looking at how to cut your diet to cut bodyfat while keeping your muscle gains. Cheers!
I look back on how long it took me to gain 20lbs; two years of working out intensely. Now I gotta start over again...haha! People don't realize it's almost like a full time job. I couldn't work, train in Muay Thai + BJJ/wrestling, and gym simultaneously. It was too taxing. A lot of friends agreed. That's when you realize what all of these MMA fighters go through and some. Not enough hours in a day and as we get older we recuperate a lot slower...lolz! Good tips...I hope to achieve my goal by summer of 2013 to reach 185lbs. But 170 I'd be happy with. I'm at around 150. Just last summer I was around 155-158; maxed out 225lbs benching. Too much work and stress gets ya...hehe.

You're at 185 right what's your max - 285 - 300 benching or more?
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