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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Which is why i said runner-up and not (silver) medalist. It's common terminology, runner up in Olympics means 4th place.

EDIT: just realized he was a quarter-finalist in 2008, not 4th place (semi-finalist), so you got me but still pretty huge achievement and unparalleled in MMA.

Also forgot to mention he is a Wrestling World Championship gold medalist the following year, which is almost as good as an Olympics gold. To put it in perspective, even Cael Sanderson only managed to get a Silver at the World championships, and he is considered the greatest wrestler of all time alongside Dan Gable.

Personally I think if Askren kept up training he could still make Olympic gold in 2012, 08 was just his first attempt and he choked.

As for the likes of Marquardt, I think he'll make him look downright ridiculous on the ground. In addition to his obvious wrestling edge Askren is already a brown belt in BJJ, and Marquardt is a one-dimensional black belt with nothing off his back.
His Olympic Freestyle finish isn't exactly unparalleled in MMA. Mark Coleman had the same finish and had a silver in the worlds at freestyle. Daniel Cormier actually made it one step further than Askren and finished 4th in the Olympics and had a bronze at the worlds in freestyle.

Askren's World Championship gold in 2009 wasn't in freestyle wrestling. It was in No-Gi Grappling. Not saying it wasn't impressive, but beating Nick Ring and Jacob Volkman in grappling isn't the same as beating the best in the world in freestyle wrestling.

Not trying to take anything away from Askren. He's a great wrestler and I expect big things from him in MMA. But his international wrestling career isn't exactly unparalleled in MMA, even when only considering freestyle wrestlers who are currently active.

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