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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
I've put up as much as 285 but that was a while ago, I've got a shoulder injury right now that is preventing me from lifting heavy. I'm scared to talk to a doctor because I'm sure it's going to be serious. In any case, the bench is only one of four major lifts that are a true test of your strength.

Bench Press
Military Press

Now, what's important is not necessarily how much someone can lift in each of these categories, but how much they can lift in comparison to their current weight. In my opinion, someone is strong when they can bench 100lbs more than what they weigh, can military press their own bodyweight, and can squat and deadlift twice what they weigh.

I'm 5'11" and 185, somewhat lanky with longer legs and not quite so long a torso. Because of my build, squat and deadlift gains don't come easy, and squats are without doubt my weakest of the four. Before my shoulder injury these were my #'s...

Bench Press - 285lbs
Military Press - 225lbs
Squat - 305lbs
Deadlift - 325lbs

Certainly not olympic numbers but I worked hard to get those. I'm not going to focus on getting much higher on those however, I want to avoid any other joint injuries that have been common for me lately. Instead I'm going to work more on sticking to around 225lbs on all lifts and focusing more on increasing max repetitions. It will be less focus on pure strength and more of a heavy/high intensity type program to keep my strength but kick my endurance up a notch.
Those are solid numbers. Man have you seen the videos of Lorenzo Fertitta training. Dude is fricken YOKED! Bigger than Vitor and Dana White...what the heck. Contemplated doing a cycle, then decided against it. Gonna do it the good ol fashioned way.
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