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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Personally I would go with the orange engine who cares about typical for the model and make, thing is that its never gonna be a restored unit so the nice thing is all the rules go out the window and you can just do what you want.

Should be an interesting build though, typically when people try to build jeeps at least in my experiences they always tend to go with a Chev 350 since they are a dime a dozen. To me the choice of an actual AMC 360 is intriguing. When you first said 360 I was assuming you had changed you mind and went with a Chrysler mill.
I'm glad you asked about the engine choice Toxic. The reason I didn't want to go ahead with the Chevrolet motor was being able to stay in the stock class as far as mudracing goes. Around here in the stock class you can have up to a 37 inch tire but you can have no body mods and the engine must have been an option as original equipment. Dodge engines aren't worth a shit imo and are too expensive to build on top of that. I wouldn't have one of them in anything

Thanks to the rare Golden Eagle package for the CJ that came with a 360 I'm good to go. As far as the color if my memory serves me I think AMC uses a blue similar to a GM blue but I always liked red better. Just having doubts on how well it will look against a white and orange vehicle. Thanks for the feedback and I'm betting is does turn out orange

Edit; Alot of guys that put 350's in their Jeeps also go with automatics for ease of installation but I've always loved to shift my own gears. Will probably rig up some type of hand throttle to help me on steep inclines where some maneuvering is required but it's all in good fun

I've also heard horror stories of guys with automatics having their vehicle stall and instead of being able to let out on the clutch to slow the vehicle down the obstacle they have to hit the brakes which sends them over backward and onto a smashed roof
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