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Didn't get much done today but did round up alot of pieces I needed. It's just too damn hot to be out in it for very long.

Went to a friends and grabbed my valve covers, oil pan, oil filter adapter, pulleys, and some other crap. Bead blasted the covers but didn't get to the pan. Stupid blaster is like standing against a stove By the time I was done I didn't think to get any pics but they look good orange

Did get a couple of the front cover and filter adapter. I also took the intake manifold off the engine that come with the red Jeep. Saved me a couple hundred with that there.

Had to get a new front cover because I cracked the old one taking it off but you can see where the oil pump gears go in that orifice on the left. Then this piece goes over it and it's also where you thread the filter on.

The two circles are where the gears have been riding so I'll have to flatten that out by sanding it in a figure eight. The clearance from that piece to the cover greatly affects your oil pressure.

Took a couple shots of the bigger rust areas. They are just as bad if not worse on the far side.

I don't know who the nutsack is that did the body work but he should be slapped. Can't believe someone would spray paint over those abominations and call it good. Hopefully the weather's cooler for the next month or so and it'll be easier going
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