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Originally Posted by RustyRenegade View Post
@Limba Didn't you get in a wreck a while back too? Sounds like crazy driving to me
Yeah: in january - icy road that should have been cleaned...but it wasn't.

The thing is: i have my car for 3 1/2 years now.
The first 3 years were incident free: not even a scratch. I treated my car very gentle, because it had a very low front end (lower suspenssion + sporty front bumper) and the roads here in Romania aren't exactly top quality. So i always tried to drive slower where the road wasn't the best to try and avoid damaging my front bumper...and stuff like that.

But, sometimes last september it started: i found my care being damaged in a parking lot - someone must have bumped into it while trying to park - but they didn't leave any note or anything saying who they are.

3 weeks after that i was coming home, driving on national roadway, when all of a sudden a deer jumped in the middle of the road. I hit the brake pedal to the floor and i avoided the accident.....BUT...another deer jumped in the middle of the road and i couldn't avoid it. I broke my front bumper but nothing serious.

January: icy road incident.

And now this: one week - 2 incidents.

It's like a curse.



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