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I'm just gonna take all the good stuff off the white one and put it on the red one. The axles, tires, winch, transfer case, windshield frame, hood, power steering, power brakes, and seats will all be swapped. Then the plan is to put all the crappy stuff on the white one and give it to my brother.

He just wants one to tool around on the farm so it won't need to be super nice. The one crappy thing about it is the 4 speed thats in the white one won't work with the transfer case in the red one so we'll have to swap the trans.

I've already swapped the hood and windshield frame and I'm just gonna paint the body of the red one white. The decals are expensive for the hood so I'm just gonna try to match the white on it the best I can.

Apparently the hood flew up on the red one sometime judging by the huge crease across its middle and a swapped on windshield frame. The frame they put on it was so rusty that I literally pulled it away from the hinges. Theyhad filled in huge holes all the way across it with bondo to hold in the threaded pieces where the hinges bolt on.

Where the belt buckle for the passenger seat bolted to the floor of the red one also had a small rust hole. They just filled the hole with silicone, ran the belt buckle bolt down into the silicone and spray painted it black.

My buddy ordered the correct main bearings today and we should have them tomorrow. The shitty part is its 106 degrees today and it's supposed to be 110 tomorrow. Lame
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