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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
I don't think the fighter shares any blame. It's not his job to tell the ref the fighter is tapping. It's the ref's job to see it. I actually think it's a bad idea for fighters to tell refs their opponent just tapped.

They shouldn't be influencing reffing of the fights that way. I also get annoyed when I see fighters look or yell at the ref while they've got a sub locked in or are landing GnP, trying to get the ref to stop the fight. Focus on finishing your opponent and let the ref handle the stoppages.
I understand what your saying. I know its not the fighters job to be telling the ref that his opponent is tapping. The issue im attempting to convey here is morality. When does it come in to play? Chokes are such dangerous moves that if held for a few sconds too long can cause brain damage. If I was the top fighter, I would at least give the ref a look to see what the hell hes playing at. Unless there was a underlying rivalry going on between the fighters? The top fighter doesn't even seem to notice the frantic tapping.

That being said. I don't want to see any changes in rules or anything. There can be only one person in charge during the fight and it always has to be the ref. What I was pondering out loud was when does a fighter share any responsibilty? When his opponent is dead? Its quite dangerous this fight game, I guess that the main thing that we can take from this is that the whole regulation of refereeing has to be looked at again. Too many times over the past few years have we seen MONUMENTAL reffing mistakes. Both in major and minor fights. Referees need to be put through much more stringent tests to clarify how good these guys actually are.

As for this ref. No more training or testing can help this dude.

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