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Mon: Super fun gi grappling
Tue: 3.5 mile run
Wed: AM traditional karate class, silly kicks and all. It was me, another mom, and her two kids. I think another mom might show up next week. 4 of her 5 kids go to our gym, so the class may grow exponentially. I'm back at the top of the page again, bitches!
Thur: AM 3 mile run, PM judo. I am not a visual learner, so watching a technique broken down and demonstrated doesn't work for me. I have to do it.
Fri: rested
Sat: About half of a judo class due to soccer. I love my girl partner! She has wonderful control, especially for a beginner, and is very strong. We went over hiza guruma, uki otoshi, ashi guruma, and started on the winding throws with soto makikomi. I am very, very tired of classes that are all uchikomi except for 15 min of randori or butsugari gaiko at the end, however.
Sun: 4 mile run

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