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From your description, I actually don't know which grip break you're talking about. The douche bag is a good way to break the grip from the armbar. In the same vein, I strongly recommend the "restless leg syndrome" break.

That said, I think that straight up breaking grips from the armbar is the wrong approach to take in competitive jiu-jitsu. At least, it has been for me.

As a smaller guy, I have a hard time sinking a lot of the submissions against bigger opponents when I just try to muscle straight back, or even do a variation of the arm crush. I end up giving a lot of position (though one version of the bicept slicer that I learned from Steve Maxwell has been super-effective in MMA training; unfortunately, it's very illegal in BJJ competitions) when I let my opponent roll up, as in the RLS, ir simply by hooking under the leg. I just find it a very awkward position.

I prefer to secure a tight grip on the arm, control it at some point on the forearm where I feel particularly strong, then slide back and towards my opponent's heads, and that usually will separate the hands.

My little brother has a lot of success kicking his opponent's grip off by placing his foot on the bicept. I find that if I go to that position, I'm probably just going to finish with a triangle, or use the triangle to set up either an armbar or omoplata finish from the back. But that's just a stylistic preference.

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