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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
I buried my dog sunshine this evening at aplace I like to call whisky ranch.. the very first time she ever got close to a highway she was smacked a 100 feet right in front of both my little girls eyes. She was dead in less time than it took for me to type 3 sentences. She died saying Hey yall watch this as she leaped like only she could do out of the ditch across the highway right into a car. Burying her made me miss the memorial service for the best person I ever knew. She died wednesday from chemotherapy. So, I came home and grilled a ribeye and cracked a bottle of Crown Royal. Her favorite meal and her favorite drink.

Im down to my last couple of shots and Im smoking some of the best weed known to man. The girls are asleep and mrsfan is hiding from me.

Ive decided i dont like this place anymore. there are some awesome people here that I love. even moreso when Im drink.
Rusty, G_land, rauno,limba sookie, budhi, all the ufcwahtevers,V, Kry,dude,MD, other internationals that I am forgetting and even a couple of amuricans. yall are ok. the rest can eat shit and die.

Its time to go to the redneck bar. I need to put my hands on someone. I need a black eye. i need to find some punk who likes to intimidate old men and put my fist in his face. ill decide how when I find who. If Im really concerned then Ill punch him in the nose first. If I know hes not a real threat then I might bitch slap him. Im gonna order a soht of crown then sit there quietly for a few until Ive spotted the 2nd biggest asshole in the bar. When I determine my target Im going to walk up and ask him would you like to be bobby or michael? no matter what he says im gonna hit hin when he speaks.
This bums me out. I like you Oldfan. No homo.

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For the Sig!

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