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Round 1
They snipe it out at the center, but it's Osawa who is first to shoot for the takedown. He drags Fujiwara to the canvas back in the center and takes top in half guard while Fujiwara holds onto his head. Osawa gets free, starts peppering Fujiwara's head and side with short punches after locking up his arm and head in the arm-triangle choke. Osawa fights to get his leg in half guard free. He pulls it out and rotates to go for the choke. Our third man in the ring, Samio Kimura asks Fujiwara if he wants out, but the ZST champ hangs on. He eventually escapes and dives for a leg. Osawa defends and gets his foot free, putting Fujiwara back down on the canvas.

Osawa has his legs wrapped around Fujiwara's, essentially putting him in a really low mount. Osawa improves his position by creeping upward until he has a proper mount, from which he throws punches to the body and head. Fujiwara frees a leg from the bottom and Kimura breaks them up. Osawa misses a two-hook combo, but it's mostly just to cover up his takedown attempt. He again has Fujiwara on bottom in mount, and he continues his body-body-head short punches. Fujiwara scrambles and gets hold of Osawa's left leg. Osawa punches him off and falls back into Fujiwara's half-guard. Osawa locks up the arm-triangle choke again but his leg is still stuck in Fujiwara's guard. He gives up the choke and instead passes to the mount where he stays for the final 10 seconds.

Round 2
Osawa throws a body kick, evades some Fujiwara punches to put him in the corner. Fujiwara chucks him off and they're back in the center where Fujiwara hunts Osawa with jabs. Osawa drops and whips the ZST champ to the canvas with the single. He gets off a few short punches before Kimura stands them up. Osawa shoots in and eats two knees to the dome. Fujiwara seems to be anticipating these takedown attempts now and is putting forth knees and uppercuts, trying to time these attempts. Osawa retreats, throws a kick to the body, then dives low and gets around to Fujiwara's back in the waistlock. He puts him on the canvas, but Fujiwara scrambles to his feet and walks Osawa up against the ropes. Osawa drops for the takedown and gets it. Fujiwara tries for a kimura from bottom, but he doesn't get it. Fujiwara tries next for the omaplata in an attempt to reverse, but Osawa doesn't flip over. The bell rings shortly after. has this fight for Kenji Osawa.

Official result: Judges Matt Hume, Hikaru Adachi, and Akira Shoji give their nods to your winner by unanimous decision, Kenji Osawa. With the win, Osawa claims third-place in the Dream Japan GP, and advances to the Dream bantamweight championship tournament later this year.

# Kenji Osawa def. Keisuke Fujiwara via unanimous decision (Japan bantamweight-tourney third-place fight)

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