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Zaromskis wins!

Round 1
Zaromskis and Ishikawa meet in the center, where the Lithuanian pumps southpaw jabs into his opponent's face. Ishikawa pushes Zaromskis into the ropes and holds him there until referee Kenichi Serizawa separates them. Ishikawa throws punches and a high kick of his own, but they go wide, missing. Zaromskis marks Ishikawa up with counter punches, and they eventually careen into each other, tripping to the canvas together. Zaromskis lands on top and settles into side control. Ishikawa gets to his knees and drives for the single, momentarily putting Zaromskis down, but the Lithuanian explodes into a reversal. He's on top in riding time position, dropping bombs to Ishikawa's head. The Japanese fighter stands up and leans against the ropes, absorbing more punches. Zaromskis gets him back down to his knees and from riding time position, he starts picking his punches. Ishikawa flops to his back and they're stood up. Zaromskis lobs a few punches as Ishikawa attempts to get close enough for a takedown. His attempt is stuffed and nullified, prompting another break.

Ishikawa tries again and Zaromskis stuffs him, but it's in the clinch that Ishikawa seems to be getting in any offense. He puts a knee into Zaromskis belly and in the ensuing scramble, he captures his back in the rear waistlock. Zaromskis escapes and Ishikawa pursues him with wild punches and a head kick. Again, they miss, and the Lithuanian makes him pay with hard, accurate punches to the face. Ishikawa goes for a desperate takedown which turns into a clinch. It's eventually broken up, but Ishikawa tries for it again, and from the clinch, throws more knees to Zaromskis' midsection. Zaromskis returns the favor, putting his shar[ knees into Ishikawa's belly. Serizawa breaks them again. Zaromskis throws his brutal high kick, and Ishikawa blocks it. Ishikawa raises his arms, taunting, and Zaromskis shrugs. Ishikawa blocks another high kick, and as he tries to raise his arms to taunt Zaromskis again, he gets a flying knee to the face. Ishikawa survives and goes for a leg, but is pancaked. Serizawa breaks them up, and again, the fight falls into a familiar pattern of clinching and trading knees. Serizawa breaks them again and the Lithuanian pursues Ishikawa with snapping jabs until the bell.

Round 2
Zaromskis starts off with a jab-jab-left straight-kick to the body. Ishikawa responds with wild punches and a push kick. They meet again in the clinch against the ropes. Ishikawa drops for a leg, and Zaromskis pancakes him. They're stood up. Zaromskis starts digging vicious lead uppercuts to Ishikawa's body. Ishikawa dives for a leg and eats canvas as Zaromskis sprawls and flattens him. Zaromskis drops a few knees to his dome before being stood up again. Ishikawa shoots again, and Zaromskis grasps at Ishikawas leg to wrap him up in a small ball and flip him onto his side. Zaromskis passes to Ishikawa's back and lads a few big punches. The Japanese fighter flops to his back. Zaromskis stands, takes a step back, and does another backflip-into-downward knee strike like in his fight with Seichi Ishikawa. It doesn't do much damage, and gets him tied up in Ishikawa's limbs. They're stood back up, and again Ishikawa shoots in and is rebuffed. They trade knees in the clinch. Ishikawa pulls guard, but before he can set anything up, Zaromskis goes ape, dropping punches until the bell seconds later. has this fight for Marius Zaromskis.

Official result: Judges Samio Kimura, Akira Shoji, and Hikaru Adachi all have the fight for the winner by unanimous decision, Marius Zaromskis.

# Champ Marius Zaromskis def. Eiji Ishikawa via unanimous decision (welterweight non-title fight)

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