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Originally Posted by M_D View Post
honestly i got bored with the series a bit in the season with 3rd rock guy and then with the ending of that season kinda killed it for me for i really liked the character they let go of. plus the sister annoys me to no end. I really liked the show tell that season though. i think the main thing that made me bored with it is i watched all the seasons in practically one really long sitting

have not watched the season after that one though, was it good? im sure i will catch up on it before the new season starts to give it another shot

I was CHEERING when they got rid of "that character". Annoying, fickle, whiny, passive-aggressive, nosy, controlling, drama-prone, seemed to exist simply to complicate Dexter's life. They did ease up on the character's dickishness toward the end, I think just to make viewers actually feel sadness rather than relief when "it" finally happened, but it didn't work on me.

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