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I'm back at the top of the page, bitches!!
Mon 7-18: floor bag drills with various combinations of knee on belly, S mount, technical mount, full mount etc., then some half guard passes. I would like to get more than 3-4 runs in this week, due to the pace at which my other sports are taught. I'm having some patience issues with my judo club (hardly any randori, an awful lot of watching and very little doing) and I disrespected my sensei, to make a long story short. He runs a VERY informal mat, all the time, and me and 4 other people are supposed to belt test next month, so if he's going to kick me out of a few classes, or the program (which I don't think he can do b/c it's not his gym) he'll just screw my uke over, IMO. I have never known him to do this before. Never mind that I don't feel ready to belt test exactly because I have been made to watch the techniques over and over with very limited opportunity to do them myself. Shadow techniques and wall sensei do not work for me so far.
Tue: 4 mile run, fueled by 3 bites of cake, lukewarm coffee and almond milk. It sounds disgusting, but it did what I needed it to do.
Wed: 4 mile run
Thur: 3 mile run. Judo at 6. I'm supposed to talk to my teacher before class. If I get in trouble, and my sensei decides to be a super strict sensei, then half the guys in class will be doing 1000s of pushups for months of making moronic comments out of turn.

EDIT: I kind of got in trouble, but my sensei has great patience and understands that I'm the only mommy in the class, and that I need all the time I can get on the mat. I get that judo is social, but I told him I didn't get why it's important to be on time when class always starts 15 min late due to socializing. I'm not allowed to be pissed off at my family and throw my gi jacket any more. I said I'd had enough of dumbass chatter when I'm trying to listen to instruction. While I was on the mat for butsugari gaiko, he told the chatterer to be quiet, and it made my day.

Sat: Incredibly awesome judo practice with a ton of randori and throwing the line. Loved it, love my tough little girl uke, love figuring out which techniques I'm going to test with in 4-6 weeks or so. Any day I leave the dojo with a sweaty nasty gi in my gym bag is a good day.

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