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When i saw this news on a MMA site i was like: "WHAT THE FCUK IS THIS SH*T?!"

Why would ZUFFA screw the tournament?!

Let's be honest: Overeem is SF's biggest star by far. Why would ZUFFA "sabotage" him like this?! It makes no sense...

Anf then --->

Originally Posted by G_Land View Post
Am I missing something? Why are some ppl blaming this on Zuffa when its showtime pushing the date? They are the ones to blame. Showtime said they want it in Sept. And Reem doesnt think he will be ready by then. No blame on him or the shotcallers with the tourny.

ZUFFA may act like they're some "slave masters" or something like this - do this or get the *fcuk out* - but in this case they've inherited a contract signed by SF before they took over.

A contract is a contract - it could hurt them like hell if they were to not respect that contract - financially especially.

And Overeem is right also. If he has an injury and feels he needs more time to heal, he should get the needed time.
WHy risk starting a camp with an injury?! The risk of aggravating the injury is very high.

And the end result would be: less time to find a replacement (for Silva in this case).

But...this whole situation is still bullshit!



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