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Left foot forward and pointing forward, right leg back angled to the right and on the tip (whatever is compfy and let's you pivot smoothly, not flat footed) this will let you pivot your hips and that helps you hit harder and gives you a bit more reach. Elbows in to protect your ribs, how much higher are your ears than your hands (think thumbs) when youre in stance? Shouldn't be much, and keep your chin down and protected by your shoulders. This is in my opinion the best stance, I've seen the high stance with flat back foot (that guy from that van dam movie) and weight on back foot and front foot on the tip (shogun when he fought machida). I don't like either but hey I'm just a random jackass on the internet, play around, ask around see what feels comfortable and works for you.

A lot of times a person says X is the best technique w.e, they're aren't always right, including me, so keep an open mind and punch something

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