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Question Defense vs knife + hold?


I am a brown belt Ju Jitsuka and have been training Ju Jitsu for six years now.

I would like to know what could be done against this attack:

- attacker is standing in front of you, very close. He is threatening you by holding the right collar of your jacket with his left hand (the usual grab) and with his right hand he is holding his knife against your middle (waist/belly button area).

Today my sensei (8th dan) and us have tried to come up with something against that, but it seems very difficult to have a chance against this threat. This is because the guy with a knife is very flexible.

What he attacker can do is:

- let go of the collar grab and go over your defending arm with a stabbing knife
- defend with his left arm all the time while having his knife ready for stabbing in his right hand
- shake you back and forth with his left arm grabbing your collar while he has a good chance of keep stabbing you with the right hand

So.. I don't know.

Any ideas against this threat are welcome.
If anyone wishes pictures, I can upload some drawings of this threat.

Thank you,

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