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Got a good bit of work done last night. Found a couple cam keys, one is for the fuel pump eccentric that I'll have a pic of later and the other I can't remember right now what it's for Got the timing set put on. If you look close you can see the two dots on the gears. At the bottom of the top gear and the top of the bottom gear. That's how you put it in time.

Next thing was to put on the cylinder heads. Using the pattern recommended by AMC I torqued the bolts to 60lbs, 80lbs, and finally, 100lbs. Using the sequence is vital in a high horsepower motor but not so much for one like this. It's the similar idea around torquing lug nuts.

Now for some paint! Taped off the intake valley, set the valve covers and oil pan on with a couple bolts, as well as the old timing cover. Plan to leave the cover aluminum so I didn't want over spray on it.

By now more people had shown up at the shop for cold refreshments and hoolaginism and it turned into more of a party than engine building session.

Ended the night by cleaning the rocker arms and pushrods in the solvent tank and sprayed them off with brake parts cleaner.

Going to the shop here in a few and hope to get it buttoned up for the most part today. Should have some more updates this afternoon sometime.

Thanks for looking and hope you guys are enjoying this build as much as I am
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