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Thank you for sharing, Voiceless.

I have a few questions:
"So when you have control over his knife arm you want to stomp kick on his leg, preferable his knee and inflict as much damage as you can so he won't be able to follow you when you run away if you have the possibility."

--> What about him having pumped up adrenaline so he could still run after me, not feeling the pain? Or he could be a ferocious maniac who won't give up running after his victim until he has him?

About the shock knife, sorry but I am not that insane to go get such a weapon. I will keep training with the rounded out 'butter' knife (full flexible rubber. It bends very easily, you know the type). This way you can go full power with the knife while not being afraid to hurt the other, since knife fights happen at full speed usually. I am not going to buy a knife.

The acknowledged knife fighting instructors? I doubt they live in Europe or would do the hassle to come over to our tiny dojo. I bet they would cost a lot of money to get in.

Nevertheless, thanks for sharing.

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