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xeberus, I'm catholic. I don't kill people. Also, I'm not a murderer/criminal. I'm a good citizen of society. If you're defending you're not supposed to kill. Firearms are illegal in a particular part of Europe. Also, I would never buy one. For example, the whole reason behind karate is that farmers were not allowed to use weapons and thus had to defend themselves with their only weapons.. their hands. Their empty hands. Their hands without tools. Kara te. I don't have the heart or spirit to gouge someone in the eyes. I just think that's cruel.

Yes, I understand if the other person is trying to kill you, but that would be extremely rare. Generally, one should just watch out in life and not get in such trouble.

I prefer to stay away from psychopaths (people who kill or even think about it). Sorry to say that, but that's how it is. It actually makes me sick to read what you wrote. I don't know what kind of education you had or life, but it was probably not a good one. I'm glad I'm not crazy like some people out there. I think you maybe had some serious trauma's in life, otherwise you would not think this way (which is: abnormal).

You have a wife and child?! You should be ashamed of your mind and yourself.

I am not an angry person, luckily. I'm very peaceful.
Good thing there are not many maniacs out there with a knife (that is - those who actually mean to kill you).

Over and out.
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