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Originally Posted by Coq de Combat View Post
Don't you think your driveshaft should be a little longer and the clutch a little better? The way you present it, makes it look like a kiddie car to me.

You should also go for the german kind of engine regulators and spanish flies on the conundrum side of the fuel exhaust.

What's the total sum of everything you've put in it? How much is there left to do on it to get you rollin' in the mud again?
I started tallying up what I have in it so far and got to $10,000 with nothing but the big items. I'd guess 12-14 total.

It could go mudding tonight if I wanted to but I have much more to do before it's done like I want it. Have to swap the axles, go through the transfer case, swap over the steering and brakes, etc...The engine and transmission is the slow part. Once that's in it I should make progress faster.

Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
You aren't getting any comments because except for coq de combat no one here knows enough to tell you what you're doing wrong.

We are just interested observers who love the pix and wish you'd get off your lazy ass and get this done.

Been wondering what you think of the new truck kits.

edit: Ps. which side is the conundrum side again? I always forget.
I never thought about it like that, thought there would be at least a few motorheads on here. Pheelgood has a pretty cool car that he did the work on but I can't think of anyone else.

I do wish it was coming along faster but I need to take my time on this first part so I don't screw something up. The tranny place isn't doing me any favors either. Probably be another couple weeks before I get it back and was wanting to put the engine and trans in at the same time. It'll be alot easier if I can put the clutch on with the engine out of the jeep instead of laying under it.

Thanks for reading guys and I should have some new stuff up tonight
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