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Originally Posted by SelfDefense View Post
xeberus, while not a reason to have a killer mindset, I understand somewhat more your defensive mindset - i.e. you come from a dangerous neighbourhood. I come from a neighbourhood where children smile and respect the rules and.. well basically it's happy town. About education I was referring to parental education.

There are a lot of knife attacks here too (in fact, 100.000 knifing cases in a single community - I don't understand that even).

I suppose you live in a country where it's allowed to carry firearms or you can even buy one. Where I live? Hah. Not even in the nearest 3000 miles. It's just plain forbidden and not sold/fabricated. Strongly against the local law.

I've been in a small fight but that wasn't a fight anyway because all the attacker did was lay on top of me and miss a hit next to my face. So yeah. No, I don't actually provoke fights so I'm happy I have never been in one. It also depends on the type of fight: "Hey! You stole my Magic cards!!!". Haha. Fights can be brutal if they contain psychos. However in general between normal people, the fight lasts at most 30 seconds and the other guy cools down quickly.

You would have to be really sick or disturbed to be brutal in a fight. It's mostly not life or death.. again, depends on the situation. Very rare over here, but I guess you live in a violent neighbourhood.

Police is not allowed to kill anyone. They shoot the leg to disable the attacker. They use pepper spray/gas. Over here the police politely asks the criminal if he would like to a/b or 'stop what he is doing'. They are never going to even touch the criminal unless he starts to run away or something - even then, they don't run after him. They get i their car and report to headquarters. That's how police job is done - not like crazy Americans..
There is a lot of people in Norway who USED to think the same way.
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