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Originally Posted by SelfDefense View Post
Haha I just have one thing to say: Americans are insane.
"Look at me I am a member of the U.S. Forces, yeehaw! I have a gun! Yeehaw!"
Can't get any more redneck than that.

If you have had that many situations for people attacking you, then there is a reason for that, G Land. Muhahah.
Your 7 guys story doesn't cut the trick with anyone. Everyone knows it's impossible to win from even three guys.
Two guys grab your arms, two guys grab your legs. What are you going to do then? That's right. You can't do anything.
Oh and 'the law' - typically said by someone who doesn't know any law. There is no 'the law'. There are different kinds of laws.

Tsk tsk, such aggressive people here. Just because someone smashes a beer bottle on your head doesn't mean you have to beat him. You can just restrain him for him to say "stop, you're hurting me". I understand though. Many people here have some sort of past trauma that makes them aggressive.

I only admire those who are truly soft. ^^
Or should I say, normal people.
People with no aggression or anger.
Lighten up guys.

I say whatever I want. Nyahaha.
Anyways, time to go relax.
Cool story bro.

No past traumas. Did I say I came out on top of the 7-1 jump? No I got my ass kicked but I was never knocked out or down. You little idea of each grabbing a limb is way off. Instead of them grabbing an arm or leg they made a fist and went to work. OOO and you know the "reason" behind this attack? No you don't again you judge some one. I was breaking up a fight. I was trying to keep the peace.

I could care less if you "admire soft people" good for you. How about you go back to your "dohjo" and practice wrist locks with the rest of the people who live in your dream world

Credit to M.C !!
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