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Single handed Tomoe Nage.

This is a sacrificing throw known in Judo, it's a move you learn late in the process towards your black belt (I think I learned it when I had my brown belt) But it's a rather easy throw, however, It's only tought to higher level Judoka's because it can put you in a bad position when executed wrong.

First of all, the throw looks like this:

You can't hope to land it in MMA that way however, because it requires a Gi or some other piece of clothing to hold on to.

However, during sparring, I found another way to preform it, it's can be really effective but it also can provide your opponement with top position when he sees it coming, but above all, it's spectacular. The Correct way to do it in Judo differs a lot from how to pull it in MMA. You can go for an impact throw, launching his in the air when you have top momentum, or, fully execute it to get him on his back and get yourself top position. I prefer the impact throw because other throws are more effective to gain top position. (hip throw into side control ect ect).

Well the correct way to do it in MMA.
Since you can't grab a piece of clothing you gotta do it with either one arm, or both shoulders.

Both shoulders requires a lot of flexibility on your side with bending your leg, however it gives you good grip and launching ability.

One arm is easier to pull, it just requires one predictable punch you can grab onto, place your foot and roll back over.

I strongly recommend you do this in the begining of the fight, as it gets a lot harder with slippery opponements.

All and all, I liked this move a lot in Judo and won quite some matches with it, and because you can launch your opponement brutaly it becomes a fun move to do in MMA to, esspecially as no one will see it coming
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