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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
Real tough guy making fun of soldiers and my friend over the Internet. You want to know how defend against an attacker with a knife? You wouldn't, a guy like you against an attacker would be like a small child against a pride of lions. That being said I hope the biggest, most badass, gay rapist in Europe stumbles upon you alone in an alley. You'd be trying your McDojo type of defense all the way until he put his **** in your ***. I can see the headlines now "Little bitch and Internet tough guy brutally sodomized". All levity aside if a guy like me or g_land wanted your money or your life there's nothing you could do about it, you wouldn't have a chance, not one goddamn shot in hell.

Haha it seems our new friend doesnt want to hear the truth

Credit to M.C !!
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