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Back at the top of the page muahahahaaa!!

Mon: Karate despite something of a hangover. Kick drills, etc. Some of our best friends are in town, visiting from China, where they have lived for the past few years and will live for one more year before hopefully coming back to the U.S.
tue: Awesome standup class, all pad work and live drills. It was so great to throw hands and try to make the pad make that THWACK that tells me I got a solid strike.
Wed: Karate, kind of lame in the second half because it was boring self-defense.
Thur: 3 mile run. iPod crapped out before the last mile, so I had to listen to songs in my head. Judo was great, with the exception of booooaring nage no kata.

EDIT: My uke wants to test for our judo green belts in two weeks. I can probably be ready, but I'm not the most tranquil judoka under testing conditions. Also, all the tests are at 8:00 AM for some reason.

Fri: 2.5 mile run
Sat: A lot of boring uchikomi, then super awesome butsugari gaiko and randori.

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