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Voiceless, indeed might fall unlucky. Though, what about the backwards roll that they teach you in Judo, or the fall break (smack hands on floor 45°) for that matter? Not to mention that a self defense practitioner should always keep in mind to keep his head tucked in to avoid it to slam on concrete and get a whiplash? Of course I understand if really surprised and not that trained, one would not remember that reflex. I suppose one has to train these reflexes over and over frequently.

A guy in my club is very flexible on that ground. If he gets pushed unexpectedly he immediately falls to the floor and does his roll. Don't know if that would work for real though. Concrete is not that soft.

I have asked some people about 'intentionally wanting to kill someone' and they said that there has to be something wrong in your mind to want to do such a thing. I don't think killing someone is necessary even if that person is trying to kill you. A person does not only stop when killed. If a person is unconscious, that is sufficient. I think this is mostly the reason why military defense guys train to beat the crap out of the other guy asap and then restrain him or something else. Killing? Maybe in a war.
Killing is just inhumane.

//Edit: I have concluded that there are no one-answer solutions to getting out of a specific fight situation. There are too many factors that play a role - location, surroundings, situation, etc. So yeah in the end you do what you can do to end the fight as quickly as possible.

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