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Originally Posted by rommyaali View Post
Well ive been doing BJJ for a couple of months now but my problem is I am always on top. But now i want to start using my guard. I tried to use guard in training today and it really sucked. So basically im asking you to give me some tips on the guard.

esp. BEst ways to setup up subs , and avoid the other guy from passing.

Being on top isn't a problem! But if you do wind up on bottom, guard is the only place to be:
Don't lay flat on your back, keep your hips active;
Play offense and don't let him settle in; use your core to crunch him forward and to the sides; keep pressure on his head and don't let him posture or stand up-- keep tying up his arms deep in your armpits, do arm drags to threaten taking his back, keep a high guard and threaten arm bars and triangle chokes by isolating his arms away from his body.....good luck.
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