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I'm making a separate post in which I will discuss what I want to belt test with. I'm panicking because I know I have the 12 throws required and more, but I want to be good at them. Also it's not clear to me if we're going to be tested on sutemewaza or newaza or not. We rarely drill either.

I'm assuming I have to demonstrate 4 hand techniques, 4 hip techniques, and 4 foot sweeps. I have the foot sweeps down, but as always, timing is an issue. I'm not good at hand techniques but I'll prob. test with morote seioi nage, uki otoshi (because it's super f*cking easy), tae otoshi (needs work big time but I can do it) and one other that I haven't decided on yet.

For hip throws I'll prob. do koshi guruma, uchimata, hanae goshi and harae goshi. I can't remember at all if I tested for orange belt with harae goshi. I may have to find another hip throw.

Foot sweeps will be o uchi/ko uchi gari, because we've been drilling that obsessively, ashi guruma and hiza guruma, which I love for some reason.

I will now hurl from teh nervuz.

EDIT: My sensei has informed the club that he will no longer be testing in tandem, and everybody has to test individually with whichever uke they can coordinate scheduling with. He says that testing that way was faster, but made it a lot harder for him and the other advanced belts who were grading to evaluate. I thought it was funny that he didn't mention a policy change like this in class, and I asked him to consider testing me on the 17th of September. My normal uke said he would do it. I also noticed that my sensei made sure to add the caveat of "there may be exceptions and I will decide when those exceptions apply."

Since I have left behind the erroneous assumption that training is approached in a logical and egalitarian manner, I don't get so uptight about these things. I'm just concentrating on my own efforts.

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