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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
yep that was my whole point his legs were motionless that means he couldnt defend exactly like vitor when he was front kicked and silva followed up but vitor had limp limbs
No they weren't after very careful examination, his legs were for a very short (emphasis on short) split second motionless. He was NOT out. He has even mentioned here that he wasn't out and that HD should have given him a bit more time. I agree with him (I'm not a nuthugger but I'm a fan of Fedor and HD is my favorite ref). Look how QUICKLY he turned around, within HALF a second he moved his leg and the other half second turned around and started to defend himself. Fighters get dazed or have their lights turned off for a split second all the time but a lot of times they recover and this was most definitely one of those times. If this was a stand up and Fedor got hit the exact same way and fell and had been on his backside instead of his stomach side hendo would have had to run over to him to hit him again but by that time Fedor would have recovered, but because they fought so close it put Fedor in a weird angle where HD wasn't able to judge intelligently enough to see if Fedor was really hurt. Yes, there is a possibility that Hendo could have finished him (after he turned around) if more time was given since he was clearly dropping bombs but Fedor was still robbed of that chance.

His legacy is ****ed now.

It will make year if he comes back and dominates the next few fights (if he decides to keep fighting which I hope he does.

EDIT: And I completely forgot to mention the two HUGE and VERY apparent illegal blows to the back of the head. HD warns Fedor about the fence but lets that shit slide??? WTF?

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