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Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
Live I thought the stoppage was a disgrace and was incredible pissed. On slow motion replays... yeah he was out. Lame.

Awesome job by Hendo. Gutted for Fedor.
Me too, I completely missed the uppercut under the arm and thought Dan had just pushed Fedor into the mat and was like WTF what is Herb doing in there? And I'm a huge Henderson fan. Once they showed the replay though I didn't doubt Herb made the right call. I honestly think the only reason Fedor got a chance to flip over is that Herb stepped in and pushed Dan aside while he was still throwing, so it took some off the shots. I don't think Fedor would have recovered, he didn't roll to guard or anything, like he could get an armbar. He rolled right over face up, back flat on the mat.

Also, I said this after Diaz and Daley, just because the two guys are putting on a great fight and we want to see it go longer, a good stoppage is a good stoppage. You can't allow a guy to take unneeded punishment just to keep a good fight going. But I would have liked to see more fight, in both Fedor v Henderson and Diaz v Daley, but the stoppages needed to happen.

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