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Quick Analysis: Fedor vs Hendo

Last night showed me that Fedor is/was a true light heavy weight fighting in the HW division his entire career. Think about this can Hendo or any other LHW acomplish what he did at that division. Fedor is one of the few who should fight at both divisions especiallly if he wants to rejuvenate his career and I vehemently detest fighters cutting weight. Truth is Fedor isn't a big HW at all. He looked smaller than Hendo or at least comparable in size. The fact that Hendo clinched em against the cage showed me the strength was the same.

The same attributes that made Fedor fearless and a formidable killer in the cage/ring also interestingly led to his downfall.

1.) Werdum - overzealous in his attack on the ground
2.) Big Foot - he tried to land that home run shot in the
2nd round which enabled Big Foot to take the double leg and land the GNP from HELL which I might add that nobody could have withstood...other than Fedor.
3.) Fedor was winning the stand up (exception of the left counter hook early on by Hendo.) Then in classic Fedor fashion he recklessly went in with wild shots rather than picking his shots carefully.
- Dan clearly was wary of his power shots although as usual he was game to exchange.

This shows me that maybe Fedor never really had a game plan to begin with for ANY OF HIS PREVIOUS fights. Which is crazy because that's how skillful and instinctual he is.
All of his fights are the same. He rarely changes tactics. He comes out throwing wild looping bombs, clinches, goes for takedowns, GNPs, or tries for submissions. Ther's no real strategy employed which makes it all the more impressive un impressive depending on how you look at it.

Final note: He's plagued with the Chuck Liddell syndrome and that he never really sparred or trained with top notched fighters other than his brother. I've seen sparse footage of him grappling with Overeem, but that's about it.

For all the haters Fedor isn't over rated when his past accomplishments speak for itself. In this game nothing lasts forever.
- Pride HW champ
- undefeated for nearly a decade
- 5x sambo champion
- defeated FIVE UFC ex-champs with ease

Where does Fedor go from here...

Werdum rematch would be good, otherwise a resurgence in the UFC will give him new found interest. I'd put money on him against any HW cuz now he'll be the underdog which is pretty crazy. That's MMA for ya. There's no other sport out there where ones' career trajectory can swing like a pendulum.

*Final notes*
Chuck needed to retire because he was getting KTFO...BADLY!
Wand's getting there because he's in a similar situation.
Big Nog is one of the MOST battle scarred veterans. His body and face has aged considerably.
Mirko is getting hurt as well as is no longer the killer he once was.
Randy retired.

All of em were getting KOed repeatedly. Last night was Fedor's first time. He still has plenty of mileage.

Lets hope for the RETURN OF "THE LAST EMPEROR" inside the UFC. No M-1 bullshit, just a chance for him to redeem himself.
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