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Fedor's Legacy

Le's face it, it's tarnished. Yes, he was the best HW in the world at a time when the HW div. was the joke of MMA. That's the only place he shined. He did beat some old school HW's from the UFC and elsewhere. But those HW's have proven to be, at worst pathetic, at best, 2nd tier (Nog is really the only one that comes to mind).

In reality, Fedor was at the top of the heap for a very brief time when the sport was still taking off and the HW's barely spreading their wings. What kept his reputation going so long was not beating great fighters, but a disgusting display of record protecting by his management company, himself and the mma media who puffed up his p4p ranking.

Just as it took a middle-aged LHW in Couture to expose the HW div., it took a 40 year old middleweight UFC cut to expose Fedor as perhaps the most overrated fighter in MMA history. Like it or not, that's his legacy. Was he good during his time? Yes. But he and his cohorts wouldn't stop there and paid the price.

He should have entered the UFC and taken his lumps by the best on the world. He probably would have even got past Couture before getting destroyed by a true HW. He still would have had a great legacy. But instead he took the low road, and unfortunately even that proved too tough to navigate.

Fedor is the most overrated fighter in MMA history.

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