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No_Mercy, the best what I've read till now about the man.

I would like to add the following:

I think there are 2 problems with Fedor:
FIRST: He is not "MENTALLY" prepared to loose, and he lost all of those fights after the fall to Werdum! He seems to me a very sensitive guy and he has no Mental coach that made him recover from that lose. I don't think he even thought about what will happen if he looses, so when he lost to Werdum, he was SHOCKED! And because of being so sensitive he didn't know what to do just hang the gloves when he was stopped against Big Foot. The way he reacted to that was definetly a way of a very humble and sensitive guy (regardless of what he is in the ring). All the big sports today use a psychological doctor, or any one that can help prepare you mentally. Fedor has nothing from that. At least from what I've seen till now.

SECOND: Since his first day in MMA he uses the same fighting approach. I even once heard it from him in an interview that he goes to fights with ZERO GAME PLANS! With the sport evolving today, and fighters preparing plans to dissemble their opponents, it was wrong that he fought the same his entire career, and went to all of his fights with no game plan. Henderson is a veteran and a very great one too, going there into the ring without a game plan against him was totally wrong of Fedor. I really don't know what his managers do? Why don't they tell him what he's doing is wrong for his sake? Why they leave him like that! I'm sure today that he has the worst management in the whole MMA history. They are supposed to help him, advice him not just gather money

I really wish DW gives Fedor an open door to the UFC, as I'm sure just like you, that if he only works on game plans and strategies, then he will knock the hell out of the whole UFC HW stack of fighters even Cain himself!

Finally, I really wish that referees study the fighters before they enter the ring. Because we all know that Fedor has never been knocked out, so giving the man 2 or 3 seconds further then ringing the bell would have been fair. Specially when you know that this guy hasn't been stun and faded out in his entire career!

For all the Fedor fans (me #1) I say Hard luck, and I really wish the Last Emperor doesn't call it the end

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