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Fedor Legacy is in his own time period, anyone who shits on it is no real mma fan. The sport of mma has grown, when looking back 20 years from now you place fedor like u go other athletes on his own. Fedor is the greatest fighter out of the pride, chuck was the great lhw of the early 2000's. You leave it as what it was just like any other sport. You have the goat anderson silva who is like Jordan, then you have the older guys who are like russels, wilt,etc. For example in the nba people hold bill russel as an all time great but facts are if he was in his prime, shaq would kill him. Just as chuck in his prime would have possibly get beat by shogun,machida, and Jon jones. You don't discredit chuck, its just the sport has grown. Fighters will only get better and better.
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