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Originally Posted by rockybalboa25 View Post
...Fedor's legacy is that he was the best HW of the PRIDE era. Yes he was protected after the fall of PRIDE and that may hurt him somewhat. I don't think he will go down as the greatest fighter of all time or even the greatest HW, because mma is still so young. The sport simply passed Fedor by. Ali lost 3 out of his last 4. Two were to less than stellar opponents in Berbick and Spinks. Most fighters fight too long. A very few walk away when they should.
I think this is about right. Fedor was the best Pride HW for a few years. But as you say, it was when MMA was still taking off, and the HW division not even a real division yet. It was kind of a joke.

Then came the protection years. This is why mentioning him in the same sentence with Ali is absurd. It was a shameful time for Fedor. At that point a very weird Fedor cult formed, fueled by Dana White hatred and maybe some other factors. He was puffed up as the best p4p in the world, something he was never anywhere close to. He took the low road and fought old school former champions and avoided the beasts that were incubating in the UFC. And then the low road proved too tough for him to handle getting dominated by Werdum and BF ( and almost getting beat by a tire salesman prior to that).

But getting smoked like that by a middleweight 6 years his elder, iced his legacy or lack thereof. Like it or not, he exposed himself. Like it or not, the legacy is out the window. Even the Sherdog talking heads aren't going to be able to resurrect him.

Originally Posted by anderton46 View Post
The guy is 34. People talk about these three losses as if they shouldn't count as he's too old and past it. But 34 really isn't old for a fighter. We see alot of guys just starting to fight at 30. He's done very well in his career up until this point, so his legacy will remain, he was the best HW for a set period.

But for those saying he's the best HW ever then that has no logic behind that. Seeing as he's already lost to two HW's they are surely better than him?
You're right there isn't . It's all emotional. And yes, he still is young, and Dan Henderson is not! More evidence this guy is (IMO) the most overrated fighter in MMA history, and perhaps in the history of all combat sports.

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